Monday, October 14, 2013

New Mexico Part 4: Santa Fe and Taos

I can't really think of another city that has its own unique architectural style the way Santa Fe does with its adobe, Spanish Pueblo buildings. Some actually date back hundreds of years, like the Palace of the Governors.

Other buildings are much newer, but reflect that same style. The overall effect is that you approach Santa Fe and see no high-rises, no postmodern eyesores. The mountains take center stage, rather than the buildings.

We spent our first evening wandering around the Plaza, noticing cool graffiti...

Pretty tiles...

Beautiful buildings...

And a burro.

We stayed at the Santa Fe Sage Inn, which we loved because it was affordable yet within walking distance of all the sights. The pool right outside our room was a huge bonus for our water babies. The pools in Austin had already closed for the year, so we loved getting extra chances to swim while on vacation!

In the morning, we drove up to Taos. It's a beautiful drive through the Rio Grande Gorge.

As we approached the town of Taos, we stopped to check out the San Francisco de Asis mission church. It was a subject for artists like Ansel Adams and Georgia O'Keeffe

I thought it was interesting to look at from all angles.

An art class was camped out, working on their sketches.

Jackson and Olivia weren't sure what to make of buildings that were constructed out of straw and mud.  They kept touching the exterior walls of the church.

We had lunch at La Cueva before heading up to Taos Pueblo. We started with chips, guac, and salsa.

I was super excited to try the "Christmas" enchiladas that my guidebook went on about, served with red and green chile sauces. Somehow I hadn't encountered them until this point in my trip. When I spotted these veggie enchiladas on the menu, there was no question I'd order anything else. Unfortunately, they weren't that great. Both sauces were bland, and the green sauce was kind of goopy, like it was made with cornstarch...just weird.

Up next, Taos Pueblo, and the search for Christmas enchiladas continues.

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  1. I enjoyed looking through your vacation pics! I've never been to Santa Fe, but I have been to Albuquerque. I have really wanted to take a road trip lately - but alas, it will probably be awhile before I can do that. Glad you guys got to take a great family vacation; that's important.