Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Last night I made a quick dinner with prepared foods. Tony and I had sweet potato pecan tamales, made locally by White Mountain.

I served these vegan tamales with homemade tomatillo salsa. They are so good, and easy -- you just steam them and dig in.

I warmed up some Gardein chick'n sliders for Jackson and Olivia.

This was a new purchase for us, and they gave it a thumbs-up. Perfect size for little hands.

The reason for our speedy dinner was because we had something important to do after dinner. Pumpkin carving time!

What, you don't wear your underwear outside of your clothes when carving pumpkins? 

And you don't draw a big 'P' on your chest to show your pumpkin-carving-superhero status?

The result was super, indeed. Super spooky and silly!

This morning, enjoying pumpkin seeds roasted with Magic Unicorn Salt and gathering energy for a marathon trick-or-treating session tonight.

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