Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Bean Soup

Today, at Tony's request, I made black bean soup with a side of cornbread. The recipes came from Peas and Thank You, and they couldn't have been any easier to put together. No-fuss recipes like these are perfect for Jackson to help me with.

See all the ingredients sitting out on the counter? This is something I've found myself doing more and more -- getting everything out before I start cooking. I then put each ingredient away after I use it. Yes, this helps reduce clean-up time at the end. But the real benefit is this: if I get distracted, it prevents me from omitting anything! While making the cornbread, I was about to combine my wet and dry ingredients, when I saw the baking powder sitting out. Which means I had forgotten to add it. I'm not sure how cornbread without baking powder would turn out, but I don't think it would be pretty!

As soon as I turned on the gas under the soup pot, Jackson exclaimed, "Now we add the onions!" I had to think about it, but I guess you do always add the onions first when you make soup. Smart little dude.

Due to my bean allergy, I had to take Tony's word for it that the soup was "perfect."  I do know that the cornbread was quite tasty. The kids crumbled it into their soup. Along with the cornbread, I was eating sauteed spinach and leftover queso. Man, that stuff is good!

What did you make today?


  1. I made butternut squash and potatoes.

  2. I've been craving black bean soup lately and yours does look perfect! Even more perfect with a side of cornbread. I get my ingredients out first too because once I start I just like to get to it without having to stop to grab things a million times. That's a bummer to have a bean allergy but it seems like you had a meal that was just as delicious :)

  3. So cute that you get the kids involved! Today we're having curried radishes... it sounds odd but it's delish!

  4. what a great helper:) i am thinking i will make these doughnuts
    have a great sunday!