Friday, November 18, 2011

So Delicious Review

Recently...OK, not so recently...back in July (sorry!)...So Delicious was awesome enough to send me some coupons to try out a variety of their dairy-free products.
The coconut milk creamer is rich and non-curdling in tea or coffee. It can also be used in cooking -- for example, to make a pasta sauce a little more decadent and creamy.


If you didn't know (I didn't), So Delicious coconut milk is nothing like the cans of thick coconut milk that you would use to make a curry. It's thin like a dairy or soymilk. It comes in original, unsweetened, and vanilla flavors. And it doesn't really taste like coconut at all, if you're worried about that.  I enjoyed it on my chia oats.


The only thing that stops me from buying it regularly is that one serving contains 25% of your daily saturated fat. So if you're using it on your morning cereal, and then you have some in your coffee, and then you have milk and cookies later, or whatever, you might be ingesting more saturated fat than you planned to. But I do buy it on occasion, just to switch things up from our usual soymilk.

We tried three different types of ice cream sandwich "Minis" -- vanilla (made with coconut milk), lowfat vanilla (made with soymilk), and lowfat neapolitan (made with soymilk).  They were all fabulous. A perfect little treat on a hot day -- which we had far too many of, back when we were sampling these products.

Next we tried the coconut milk yogurt.

We loved the chocolate flavor. It could be eaten as a dessert. I've bought it several times since I originally tried it.  I also sampled the mango flavor, but it had a tartness I didn't care for.

Next up, cultured coconut milk. I guess it's similar to a kefir drink. The live cultures are supposed to be beneficial.  We had the strawberry flavor -- there's also chocolate and vanilla.  It has a thick, smoothie-like texture that Jackson and Olivia love. I have bought this from time to time and it never lasts long, because they want to drink it all up.

Finally, coconut milk ice cream.  I love mint chocolate chip. I'm not sure why I bought the sugar-free variety, but there you go. 

Now this product, I would say, should be eaten as a very rare treat, as one serving contains 45% of your daily saturated fat. It's super rich, and pretty yummy.

I'm so very grateful to So Delicious for their generosity.  Do you like their products? Have you tried their holiday beverages yet? The nog has been calling to me, and then today at Natural Grocers I noticed there is also a mint chocolate drink. Yum!


  1. I've had their frozen dessert products but that's it. However, I have *not* had their mint chocolate chip, nor have I had mint chocolate anything since going vegan!! Jealous!

  2. Great review!! Thanks to your advice I'm definitely going to try the coconut cultured beverage and the chocolate yogurt! I've tried the hazelnut flavored creamer and preferred Silk to the coconut milk one...I thought it was kind of sweet I guess. Thanks for the review, definitely going for the yogurt soon!

  3. I'm going to have to look for that yogurt. It sounds great! We love those mini ice cream sandwiches, but I'm not a fan of coconut milk, unless if it's the kind that comes in a can. Can't really put that on cereal, though.... :)

  4. I LOVE So Delicious yogurt. My favorite is the raspberry flavor :)

  5. My babygirl loves the Strawberry flavor cultured coconut milk. The other ones she's not to keen on or the yogurt, but we haven't tried chocolate. Maybe we'll try that one for a dessert type of thing.

  6. I like the coffee creamer (though it lasts a long time as I usually drink my coffee black, go figure:) I also only buy the milk on occasion for some change. I did like the raspberry flavor of the yogurt, and didn't know about the kefir drink, will have to try that one! thanks for the reveiw:)