Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Already

Just when I thought the Arabian Lentil & Rice soup was the best Appetite for Reduction recipe, I made the Smoky Split Pea soup. And, although the lentil soup is still my personal favorite, I'm outnumbered, because everyone else in my house loves this stuff.

It is so good. If you haven't used smoked paprika, I can't recommend it enough. There's a lot of it in this recipe, which explains why a soup made from green split peas has a deep, dark red hue. In addition to color, the paprika imparts such an amazing smoky flavor. You will love this. Jackson and Olivia did, and Tony says I need to make it every week.

Another night this week, I took some basil from my garden and made a batch of pesto using almonds and sunflower seeds. I tossed it with wagon wheel pasta, sliced radishes, kalamata olives, and lima beans. Random, I know! But really good. I feel like lima beans are underrated. I really like 'em.

This week has flown by. I have a lot to do today. My parents are coming to stay for a week, and I need to clean and pick up groceries before their flight arrives. I've been up since 4 a.m. with Olivia the insomniac, so I will need to locate some extra energy somewhere.

Have a great day!



  1. The pasta salad sounds great! Wagon wheels were definitely my favorite shape as a kid. I like the addition of lima beans - you could probably also blend them into the pesto if you wanted the taste and nutrition but a more homogenous feel.
    Also, the split pea soup was the first recipe recipe I made from AfR and I love it too.

  2. I agree, the pasta salad does sound great!

  3. The soup looks delicious, and the pasta is quite inviting...Have a great time with your parents next week!

    Vegetarian Cultural Creatives

  4. I just read through all of your posts I've missed out on! Sounds like things (minus the computer) have been going well and that you have been eating well!